Despite being an expert welder, Blood was very humble about his welding skills. To him, welding was just a skill to be mastered so one could create. His son Peter did not fully grasp his father’s command of welding until a man from NASA offered his father a job building rockets. Peter recalls, “It was about 1972, when I was 12, and there was this visitor at the house who was a welder of Apollo moon rockets. The aspiring astronaut in me was impressed beyond words, but for the life of me I do not remember his name or why he was there. Dad did not ask the guy to come and he was not the least bit interested in Dad’s sculpture for its artistry. They had little in common, so their conversation was strained, but Mr. NASA was very impressed by Dad’s welding mastery and ability to run a perfect bead, so he said something like, ‘Well Bob, if you ever want to work for NASA, I could get you a job.’ We were regularly sending men to the moon then so every boy, including me, wanted to be an astronaut. Dad was flattered, but not interested in a career change and did not even take the man’s phone number. Someone had to give Dad a push, so I said, ‘Dad! Apollo! Apollo Dad!’ Seeing my disappointment, Dad just laughed and shook his head. Thinking about moon rockets, I looked at Dad and shook my head. Needless to say, the family did not move to Cape Canaveral.”

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